Cafe Style Shutters

Cafe Style Shutters

Cafe shutters only cover the bottom half of your windows. They let in plenty of light and are ideal for rooms on the ground floor because they prevent passers-by from peering into your home.

The top part of the window is typically left uncovered. Many of our customers, however, keep curtains or blinds and close them in the evenings.

If you intend to keep your shutter panels closed the majority of the time, we recommend going with wide panels. Fewer shutter panels will assist you in creating a more open, spacious appearance in your room. If you intend to open your shutters frequently, consider a few narrower panels that can be folded back neatly.

The Benefits of Café-Style Shutters

Simple to install
Cafe-style shutters are half the size of full-height shutters, making them lighter and easier to install.

This design is an excellent substitute for net curtains. You can have complete privacy while still enjoying natural light by angling the slats.

Maintain your drapes
Do you want to keep your curtains or blinds in place? Then this is the route to take. Cafe-style shutters give you the best of both worlds: the light and privacy of shutters during the day and the privacy of blinds or drapes at night.

Best for Standard and large windows, as well as rooms at street level to keep passers-by out. Cafe-style shutters are also suitable for use in a hallway, landing, or upstairs study where some window covering is required but privacy is not an issue.

Considerations: If you have a particularly squat window, cafe-style shutters can make it appear smaller. If you have a small window, full-height shutters may be a better choice.