plantation shutters for french doors

Plantation shutters for French doors are a terrific way to make any house more elegant and charming. With this guide, you can gather all the information you require regarding price, advantages, customization, and installation to make an informed choice regarding updating your doors.

What are Plantation Shutters?

Plantation shutters are a type of window covering consisting of moveable louvers or slats. These slats can be changed to regulate the light entering your home. When opened, plantation shutters provide a fantastic view and a lot of light. In addition, they offer complete seclusion and reflect heat and sunshine when they are closed.

The plantations in the Old South are where plantation shutters first appeared. These reasonably priced yet effective window coverings were initially designed to protect homes from heat and sunlight, but they are now commonly used as interior decor in homes worldwide. Modern plantation shutters can take the place of conventional window treatments and offer a variety of benefits to homeowners.

The Benefits of French Door Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are one of the most excellent options for French door coverings, so they’re not just for windows. Plantation shutters are ideal if you have one or two outward-swinging patio doors and want to cover the glass panels for better illumination or aesthetics. Use plantation shutters for your French doors to combine elegant home design with straightforward practicality.

Easy Installation

Plantation shutters are easy to install and come with hardware designed to fit onto most standard French doors. Installation should take an hour at maximum.

Excellent Light Control

Shutters will give you complete control over the amount of light that enters your space, allowing you to adjust slats for privacy and total darkness when desired.

Increased Security

Plantation shutters can provide added protection against intruders and protection from the elements. The shutter system is designed to be locked securely when not in use and can be opened quickly in an emergency.

Noise Reduction

Shutters are incredibly effective at reducing noise from outside sources, particularly street noise and traffic or neighbors having loud conversations outside your door.

Beautiful Aesthetic Appeal

Plantation shutters for French windows add a touch of sophistication to any room, bringing a unique style to your home décor! They come in various shapes, colors, sizes, and materials sure to fit your interior aesthetic needs perfectly – plus, they look beautiful from both the inside and outside of your home!


Because plantation shutters are made from high-quality materials like wood or synthetic material, they’re sure to stand up against wear and tear over time while still allowing you complete control over how much airflow gets through your door!

Low Maintenance Requirements

Plantation shutter maintenance is minimal compared to other window treatments – all they require is occasional dusting and wiping with a damp cloth – so you don’t have to worry about putting too much work into maintaining them!

How Do French Doors Work with Plantation Shutters?

For French doors, plantation shutters can mount directly to the door utilizing an outside mount frame (usually a Large L-Frame to allow room for the slats to rotate open and closed). When mounting shutters on French doors, the L Frame is used on all four sides, three sides or just the top and bottom of the space at the door’s handle does not permit the frame. 

Note: When we say “outside mount,” we mean that the L Frame is installed on the face of the inner side of the door, not on the outside. We always recommend a 4-sided frame for French doors.

A precise hole with the proper depth to accommodate the shutter panel can be constructed using a specially-made frame. A single French door and two fixed panels are where these shutters are placed. The glass can occasionally be cleaned because panels are always movable for opening. 

In addition, we can route out the back of the frame to offset the shutter away from the lock if a lever lock is present, allowing the panel to remain open. Moreover, We can produce door lock extensions that match the brand and finish if the door stile is too small to offset the shutter panel.

How Much Do Plantation Shutters for French Doors Cost?

French door plantation shutter prices are primarily influenced by size and material, with handcrafted and bespoke shutters commanding higher prices. Use our online plantation shutters cost calculator, which estimates the cost of your French door shutters.

The Cost of Plantation Shutters

Expect to spend $15 to $19 per square foot for a custom job. For instance, the standard French door sizes are typically 80 inches wide by 36 inches tall. Therefore, your budget should be as follows:

Wood shutters: $317 to $375 per door

PVC shutters: $288 per door

The Cost of Installation Labor

Plantation shutter installation typically costs between $100 and $200, or $20 and $45 per square foot. The labor cost is influenced by your location, the contractor’s overhead, and their workload. 

A pair of plantation shutters will cost the following to be installed by a handyman or window treatment expert:

Wood shutters: $250 to $300

PVC or vinyl shutters: $91 to $131

plantation shutters for french doors

What to Consider When Buying Shutters for French Doors?

Plantation shutters are an excellent option for providing privacy and insulation over French doors. They have a timeless appeal, come in various styles and colors, and can block out light and drafts for improved energy efficiency. So what should you consider when selecting plantation shutters for your French doors?

Consider the Design Styles of Plantation Shutters for French Doors

Full-height shutters: They fully enclose your entry and can be constructed with a three-sided frame, so there is nothing for you to walk over at the bottom. Full-height shutters may also include an adjustable mid-rail that conceals handles and louvers to reduce the light entering your rooms.

Raised half-solid shutters: This design has a top louvered portion and an elevated solid bottom portion. This can also be made within a three-sided frame, creating a solid bottom half easily cleanable when dirt enters from the outside. Half-solid raised inside shutters are common for people looking for more traditional, possibly farmhouse-style shutters.

Shutters with handle cutouts: Practical handles or locks can be added to French door shutters. Custom door handle cutouts preserve your doors’ knobs or levers’ functionality. Because of this, shutters have beautiful designs that are made even better by the architectural features of the door handle shapes.

Bypass track shutters: Similar to sliding closet doors, bypass shutters operate on two higher tracks that permit all parts to slide for door access. The bypass layout works well when little room is on each side of the sliding glass door.

Bi-fold track shutters: Single-track systems called bi-fold shutter modules increase the exposure of the opening while extending into the space to the width of a single panel when stacked. Numerous additional panel combinations are available, including splits that slide right and left, double and triple portions, etc.

Consider the Materials of Plantation Shutters for French Door

Hardwood can be used to make the best plantation shutters you can match with French doors. In addition, they are of high quality, which might extend the lifespan of the accessories. To further enhance the beauty of your French Door, you can select from our full palette of colors and wood-stain treatments or even match your current furniture.

plantation shutters for french doors

Vinyl shutters offer improved durability and may be a better option for coastal areas or regions that encounter extreme temperatures if you want to protect your home from the elements completely.

Aluminum models offer a lightweight solution with rust-resistant properties. However, whatever material you choose, ensure it’s designed to withstand sun exposure and moisture.

Consider the Overall Size of Your French Door Plantation Shutters

Measure the Space Around Your Doors

The first step to selecting the best size plantation shutters for your French doors is correctly measuring the space around them. Be sure to measure the width and height across your entire door frame, including any surface trim around them. Additionally, you’ll want to measure the depth of the window sill, so you know how much space your window covers need to fit into.

Appropriate Shutter Sizing

To choose the most appropriate size of shutters for your French doors, the measurements you took must be accurate – use a measuring tape to ensure accuracy. The best plantation shutters will be either equal in size to your window opening or slightly larger so that when you open and close them, they cover just enough of the doorframe. This will allow for maximum coverage when closed and will let in an abundance of natural light when opened.

Choosing Frames and Tilt Rods

To finish the look, choose a frame that adds to the design of your shutters. They don’t always have to match the color, but they do need to fit your door size, so measure carefully. Finally, add a tilt rod in the center of each panel for ease of use and convenience. This will allow you to open and close one side at a time while protecting your French doors without obstructing their grand opening view.

Standard vs. Custom Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters come in two sizes, standard and custom. Classic-sized shutters fit doors up to 36 inches wide and 72 inches long, so if you need something larger or smaller, consider going with custom plantation shutters instead. Custom shutter sizes are made specifically to meet the needs of your French doors, usually providing exact measurements down to the inch. However, remember that custom shutters can take longer and cost more money.

Consider Mid-Rail Placemen

Midrails are vertical rails in plantation shutters that separate the top and bottom sections. Placing a mid-rail can help make the shutter look more intricate while also helping to control light and airflow more precisely. Higher mid-rail placement is popular with French doors because it allows maximum visibility. However, lowering your mid-rail for more privacy or complete light blockage would be best. Be sure to measure carefully and talk to a professional about getting the right size for your French doors when considering mid-rail placement.

Consider the Preparatory Work for Installation

Before purchasing and installing your plantation shutters, measuring the windows in which they will be installed is essential. For French doors, carefully measure all areas, including the frames, mullions, and the overlap area between them. Additionally, check the window track measurement to select shutters with panels that fit perfectly into the pre-existing tracks. This process is vital for a successful installation and helps ensure your windows will look beautiful when complete. Installing plantation shutters on your French doors is relatively simple, but there are a few key steps. Start by screwing the hinge side of the frame to the door, then hinge each panel individually to form a single unit.

Maintaining Your Plantation Shutters For Long-Lasting Durability

Plantation shutters can offer an added layer of privacy and décor while being easy to maintain. Make sure to dust each louver or panel now and then and wipe down or clean as necessary using a damp cloth or wood cleaner. For significant dirt buildup on the shutters, you may want to consider washing them with mild soap and warm water before drying them off with a soft cloth.

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