Plantation Shutters Corner Windows


Adjustable Louvers

Look for plantation shutters with adjustable louvers that allow you to control light and privacy levels independently for each section of the corner window. This feature provides flexibility and enhances functionality.

Style and Design

Select plantation shutters that match the style and design of your room. Consider the finish, color, and overall aesthetic appeal of the shutters to enhance the visual appeal of your corner windows and complement your interior décor.

Frame Options

Corner windows require shutters with specialized frame configurations to accommodate the corner angle. Look for plantation shutters that offer flexible frame options for corner windows. This ensures a seamless and attractive installation.

Material Selection

Consider the material options for your corner window shutters, such as wood, vinyl, or composite. Each material has its benefits regarding durability, maintenance requirements, and aesthetics. Choose a material that suits your preferences and complements the overall style of your space.

The best material of plantation shutters for corner windows

Bright Shutters Range

best material for plantation shutters

Basswood Shutters

  • Combine strength and durability
  • Authentic & timeless appearance
  • Superior finishing properties
  • Excellent insulation properties
best material for plantation shutters

Paulownia Shutters

  • Lightweight yet sturdy wood
  • The most cost-effective choice
  • Natural long-lasting beauty
  • Style flexibility and innovation
PVC Plantation Shutters

PVC Shutters

  • Competitively priced
  • Made of easy-care vinyl
  • Exceptional everyday performance
  • Engineered for precise installation
The most common design style of corner window plantation shutters

Corner Window Shutters Style

full height shutters

Full Height Shutters

Full-height shutters for corner windows cover the entire height of the corner window, providing a seamless and elegant look.

tier on tier shutters

Tier on Tier Shutters

Consists of two shutters, allowing independent operation of the upper and lower sections. Providing a seamless and elegant look.

cafe style shutters

Cafe Style Shutters

Cover the lower portion of the corner window while leaving the upper section open. They add a stylish look while maintaining privacy.

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Corner Window Shutters Inspiration

Frequently Asked Questions

Can plantation shutters be installed on a corner window?

The simple method for installing plantation shutters in corner windows. Welcome to our simple installation guide for your new custom plantation shutters in your corner windows. Your custom kit is straightforward to use, so have fun clicking, sliding, and locking parts together.

Is it true that plantation shutters make a room appear smaller?

Will the shutters make my room appear smaller? The main goal of decorating a room is to make it appear as large and spacious as possible. Adding shutters to your room will not remove this and may even improve it.

Do plantation shutters darken the room?

Plantation shutters allow light to pass between the louvers, the panel,, and the frame. However, this often provides less light than other traditional window treatments, and most clients will be pleasantly surprised by the increase in darkness, which can be pretty dramatic.

What are the drawbacks of plantation shutters?

They must be custom fitted for your windows and are unlikely to differ stylistically from one another. However, these shutters require routine maintenance to maintain their appearance and appeal.