Solid Raised Shutters

Solid Raised Shutters

They are solid paneled shutters, as the name implies, and have been used in the United States for over 200 years. They give your window a more traditional look, and you can have it as a whole solid panel or with the top part louvered and the bottom part solid.

Solid panel shutters are ideal for bedrooms and are especially popular with night-shift workers who need to darken a room as much as possible during the day and reduce outdoor noise levels to sleep.

Functional Advantages and Fashion Options

Though there are no louvers to allow light in, you can swing the panels open to open up your view and let light in.

Another option is to have half-solid raised panels with privacy and light-blocking at the bottom and movable louvers on top. This gives you the best of both worlds as well as a distinct style.

A tier-on-tier style solid shutter is another option for allowing visibility out the window and natural light while also having the ability to close everything up when you need privacy or insulation. You can have the tiers split at any height you want, allowing you to open the top-tier panels while keeping the bottom closed (or vice versa). This style works best for windows smaller than 60″ X 60″ because larger windows require heavier panels, and tier-on-tier style frequently necessitates additional adjustments for proper panel alignment.

What is the distinction between shaker and solid raised shutters?

Shaker style and Solid raised are very similar, but there are minor differences in their aesthetics that may influence your choice. The panel in solid raised insert shutters is manufactured so that the center of the panel is raised up to the frame level, creating a more decorative overall feature, whereas shaker-style panels have a simply dropped center.

What are the advantages of solid shutters over louvered shutters?

The primary advantage of solid shutters over louvered shutters is their ability to block light. Whereas louvered shutters require a slight tolerance for movement, which can cause light bleed between the louvers, the sold shutters do not. Louvered shutters and solid shutters have different aesthetics, so if you want to modernize the most traditional style of the shutter, solid panels are for you.

What materials are available for solid shutters?

Your solid shutters can be made from either our Pearlwood or Ultrawood material. Both are beautifully finished wooden products, with the main difference being larger frames and a tighter grain finish on ultra wood. More information about both of these materials can be found on our Shutter Materials page.