Kitchen Shutters

Kitchen Shutters

Kitchen shutters are an excellent addition to any kitchen remodel. Wooden plantation shutters provide privacy, light control, and elegance with custom style options to fit any décor, from cottage to modern. Here are some pointers for designing the ideal kitchen shutters.

There are numerous kitchen window treatments available. But which option looks good, is resistant to odors and condensation, and is simple to clean? Plantation shutters, of course, are the option that checks all the boxes.

Why should you use kitchen shutters?

  • Shutters allow you to control the amount of light in your kitchen.
  • To maintain a full view and light entry into the kitchen, swing or bifold your shutter panels open completely.
  • You can keep your panels closed while raising and lowering the louvers to control how much light enters.
  • Keep your shutters closed to reduce afternoon glare and keep extreme hot and cold temperatures out.
  • Shutters are easier to clean than blinds or curtains, and they are guaranteed not to yellow or fade with our UV protectant and sealant.

Which kitchen shutter style is best?

Café-style shutters, which cover the lower portion of the window while allowing plenty of light to come through the upper portion, are a popular style for kitchens. Café style allows you to cover as much or as little of the window as you want. Measure up to the lower third, center, or 2/3 up your window, or to conceal any natural divide or obstruction in your window.

Full-height style provides complete privacy and light blockage. A mid-rail in a full-height shutter adds flexibility by allowing the upper and lower louvers to be controlled independently.

The tier-on-tier design divides the panels so that the upper and lower tiers can swing open and close independently.

What is the best material for kitchen shutters?

The kitchen is prone to splashes, spills, grease splatters, and odors that may smell delicious but should not linger in your home. Our Affordable Polyvinyl shutters are waterproof and extremely easy to clean! Simply clean with a damp cloth and you’re done!

Choose a hidden tilt rod for a more streamlined appearance that is easier to clean than the traditional central tilt rod. If your kitchen window is directly behind a faucet, don’t be concerned about splashes, but consider bi-folding panels that fold away from the faucet rather than swinging towards it.

What is the best color for kitchen shutters?

Choosing the perfect color to complement your kitchen can be difficult! Of course, nothing beats a stunning white that brightens the room and complements any décor. Whether your cabinets are painted or stained, a white shutter can either blend in or stand out.

Are you having trouble deciding on a color?

Order up to four free samples and compare them to your cabinets or appliances to see which one looks the best! Check out our Collection or ask about custom color matching if you want to be more daring or add a pop to a more neutral-toned kitchen.