Full Height Shutters

Full Height Shutters

These are single, full-height shutters that cover the entire window and open as one unit, as the name implies. They are simple and elegant, but they have a dramatic effect. This style is also suitable for standard door shutters and shutters for French doors.

With full-height wooden shutters, you can have as many panels across the window as you want, from one or two wide panels to six or seven narrower shutters hinged together to fold back.

If you don’t intend to open the panels back up frequently, you might want to consider fewer panels. This means you’ll have fewer vertical wood sections, allowing more light into your room.

Advantages of Full Height Shutters

Full-height shutters, as the name suggests, cover the entire height of your window opening, and there are numerous advantages to installing this style of shutter to your window:

  • This style provides maximum privacy and light blockage by covering the entire window;
  • Full-height shutters provide insulation to keep out extreme hot or cold temperatures when your panels and slats are closed.

Adding a mid-rail allows you to control the upper and lower slats independently. This way, you can close the lower slats for privacy while leaving the upper slats open to allow light into the room.

  • They’re the simplest shutter style to install on your windows, and much less fiddly than tier-on-tier shutters, though our guides and expert phone support make the process simple;
  • Because this style is full height, there is less mid rail and more slats, allowing more light into the room;
  • If you want to install shutters on doors, full-height shutters are the best option.

Best for

All types of windows. Full-height wooden shutters are great for adding drama to a living room or blocking out unwanted light in a bedroom. They are also useful as door shutters.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Can full-height shutters be used in a small room?

Full-height shutters will work, but the slat sizes must be proportionate. Choose a smaller slat size so that you can see the slats over time. This highlights the shutter style and can make a window appear larger.

Will full-height shutters darken my room?

Shutters are completely adjustable, allowing you to control how much light enters your room. If you always want light coming in, choose thinner panels that can be opened completely. If you prefer to keep your shutters closed, choose a larger slat size to allow in the most light. When deciding on fame mounts, make sure to leave enough space for larger slats to open.

If the light is an important factor for you, please contact our team. They’re always coming up with brilliant ideas!