Bathroom Shutters

Bathroom Shutters

With so many custom options for shutter materials such as colors, styles, and slat sizes, you can be sure to design the perfect shutters for each room in your home. Here are a few things to think about when choosing bathroom window shutters.

Looking for the perfect window treatment for your bathroom? Shutters are an ideal solution. They’ll let in light while keeping the interior private, they’re durable, and they’re fashionable.

Bathroom Shutters that are Waterproof

The main consideration when selecting bathroom shutters is whether or not the shutters will be exposed to moisture.

If your shutters will be near a sink, tub, or shower, choose a waterproof vinyl shutter. Our Affordable Fauxwood and American Polyvinyl are both waterproof solid polyvinyl with an aluminum core.

Painted hinges will be more rust-resistant than nickel or brass hinges. To prevent rusting, always wipe the hinges dry after exposure to water.

If the shutters will be installed in a wet area, our shutter experts recommend using a hidden tilt rod. Metal staples hold the central tilt rod to the slats. The hidden rod eliminates additional metal hardware and makes cleaning the shutters easier.

Some bathroom windows will not be exposed to moisture because they are not near sinks, tubs, or showers. It is permissible to use wooden shutters in a bathroom in these circumstances. If there is some humidity or condensation on the shutters, simply wipe them down with a towel to prevent water from being absorbed and potentially warping the wood.

Specially shaped windows in a bathroom, such as arched or triangular windows, must be made of solid hardwood. There is no need to be concerned as long as the shutters are not regularly exposed to water.

Full height or café style?

Full-height shutters may be best for full coverage depending on the location of your bathroom window. If you want to keep the bottom slats closed for privacy while opening the upper slats to let in some light, you can choose a mid-rail to separate them.

Café-style shutters are a popular choice for 2nd-floor windows or windows that do not allow visibility into the home. These keep the lower portion of your windows covered while still allowing plenty of natural light to shine in from above.

Choosing a Color

White shutters are the most popular choice for bathroom windows. White shutters are clean and bright, and they will not make an already small room appear any smaller. Bright colors open up a room more than darker colors.

Use our free samples to find your perfect color match. Order up to four free samples in various materials and colors to see what looks best in your bathroom. You can also contact us for more information on custom color matching.